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 "I am 62 and luckily do not have wrinkles;  fines lines were main issue together with pigmentation. I have to congratulate you - it is a fantastic product.  The texture and quality of my skin is greatly improved.  Yes, the dark spots and uneven skin tone is starting to fade.  My skin is glowing. I use it day and night on face, neck, décolletage and hands.  Quite liberal with amount I use.  Definitely get 3 months use out of one bottle if not more. Many thanks for all the research behind this product"

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When you need more than skincare

Naturopathic Skincare is about alternative healing and here is a typical example of this .Botanical

John Hamilton dermatology anti ageing specialist
22nd Jul 2021

Are Sun Creams Safe

Please not our products are not SPF's  for the resons below SO IN LAST FEW WEEKS THIS HAS

john Hamilton
25th Jun 2021

Youthfull, healthy skin at 64...

Karen Blackmore, Co-founder of Natural Elements celebrates life at 64... I often hear “your sk

Karen Blackmore
15th Jun 2021