Prone to Eczema

Changing the face of eczema is a difficult one because people often just think in terms of doctors and pharmaceuticals drugs..But if the truth be told and it has been in past years in clinical studies of skin problems like eczema simply using natural products works better. The medical world is said to have a 3-8% benefit yet with our type of products we are around 80% that’s a huge, huge difference.

But we are up against it by the hundreds of products on offer for eczema causing bewildering choice, but most do very little because they are ether petrol chemicals ie made from petrol (what does that do?) or synthetic man-made, again when does the synthetic chemical work to the benefit human cells .. never. Then comes steroids which damage the skin beyond belief but still the public buy into this time and time again and with certain natural products they are not that good they are just heavy beeswax or shea butter.

Eczema is often exasperated by bacteria or irritating chemicals; the skin has broken down and you have to help it recover. Our type of naturals does this in multi ways.

They, first of all, have oils in them which are anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory renown within the natural world, then they have natural repairing aspects to the plant extracts and of course are protecting and moisturising within the skin outer protect film
This is what works …it’s not a cure, it should be and if university scientists got off their fat butts it would be but sadly suffers from skin problems are held back because of lack of vision

But that does not mean you need to be because we are going to sort your skin out right now.
Now you could go for the sample kit and see what happens but you need to be using them all the time to wash with, to bath with, to use the creams and oils all the time right now and samples will simply not cut it in terms of bombarding your skin with these super naturals


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