What an anti ageing expert says how to slow all forms of skin ageing

What an anti ageing expert says how to slow all forms of skin ageing

27th Oct 2021

What is the best skin care product for anti-ageing In fact what is the best skin care products.

Because there is a huge amount of products and nonsense about what works.

When I came into this industry 22 years ago what I was intent in doing was making products without all the synthetic and petrochemicals and we were the first to do...What I did not know back then was just how much of a dermatology and anti ageing expert I would become .

The first thing I remember 20 years ago was going into a marketing company in London who created brands in the beauty world and found out that for every £1 spend in beauty product development 90p goes on marketing and packaging creating the illusion. In fact what I remember most was the comment of one of the marketing experts that he could make women put cat sh...t. on there face and think it was good and anti ageing for them.. In other words its not what's in the product but how they spin it.

Needleless to say we did not use them and set out to do the opposite ie spend 90p on creating the product not the marketing and that's why you have not really heard of us unless you meet someone who uses us and have great healthy youthful skin. { When I look around me now I don't see much change people are still using products full of useless chemicals}      

If you want youthful skin then first of all its about protection look after what you have got is the best anti ageing and the best for doing that is natural plant oils .. But not all natural products are the same. We have studied  researched and worked with universities to find the very best ones and last year Birmingham university proved that ours have the best compounds to do so


The problem is 99% of skincare products do very little to combat skin ageing...

The main ageing to skin, collagen, fibres and elastin's is from free radical oxidative stress.

What is that?..This is damage which attacks cell fibres causing wrinkles and fine lines. at the same time if left unchecked brings on dry skin and sagging.

Stop that free radical damage and you slow ageing to the skin.

Most skin care products use syththc chemicals even petro-chemicals. Which does nothing to stop that damage.. in fact it will cause cells to age even faster according to>>

It's Antioxidants that give your skin protection.

But for them to work they have to be present or around what’s needs protected.

Natural oils work best, they are a pure concentrated undulated antioxidant molecules.. small enough to get to where they need to be because the molecule can go in much further. 

Natural oils also contain every vitamin and amino acid and in a very potent form, more so than creams/serums do. Our oils are the building blocks of collagen and cell restoration.

That is not to say that serums/ gels /creams don’t have a role to play. But in anti-ageing prevention its certain natural oils which lead the field.. watch this very short demonstration  

by John Hamilton  who is a 20 years + experienced anti ageing expert

More recently he has begun working in the field of Gerontology and researching how to slowing overall ageing using plant compounds.... 

or what about a woman who at 65 this year has the youthful skin of someone 20 years younger is that not proof in itself click here

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