WOW KITS {War on Wrinkles}

Our award Of The Best Organic Anti Ageing Brand was given because of the huge anti-ageing of our products and in 2019 a research study by Birmingham university paid by them not us ( so completely independent ) showed we had very high levels of compounds which are the very best for preventing ageing and repairing skin 

Our WOW kits are a total routine of everything you need in skincare and a whole kit for often the price of just one big brand product

Our WOW kits which stands for war on wrinkles come in two forms...  a 2 piece and a 4 piece no matter what age you are there is a kit here for you... They are designed to give you a total package of cleaning & exfoliating the skin with then an anti ageing oil {you have the choice of 6 different oils} all with the blending cream which traps the oil in and gives a matt finish for makeup. the cleaning face wash product also has an anti-sagging aspect to it as well and the special exfoliating sponge from the root of a plant is simply amazing. 

2 piece: is the oil and cream together, you would use the oil in the morning on clean skin, then on top apply the cream or mix them together apply pre-make-up and going out ...This gives you super uvA and free radical protection ( which is the main cause of skin cancer and premature ageing to the skin) including pigmentation... Use the oil and cream after cleaning the skin and before make up or going out I.E in the morning to give you 100% protection to uva /free radicals and pollutants  and use the oils at night for repairing.4 piece: is everything you need for a perfect routine, you have the anti ageing oil and moisturiser, but also the anti-sagging face wash click here and the very special konjac exfoliating sponge.


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12 of 16 Items