Body Lotions & Oils

These exquisite lotions & oils were Inspired by founders John & Karen , further treatments were created with some of top European & Asian spas in the past 12 years. The range is available for the public to use who, like professional spa who use Natural Elements, are looking for a total natural range, which also provides protection from UVA damage and hydration with natural vital oil ingredients ,.

Although designed as body massage oils they have shown just how fantastic natural oils are when you use the therapeutic unadulterated versions which we use. The reports back are honestly incredible  from being using intimately to after showering on wet skin they are the pinnacle of health & wellbeing.

John's (the co founder and dermatology biogerontolgist)  study over the last few years has taken him into the world of senescence and prevention of ageing ailments when using natural therapeutic plant matter. Which are showing benafits for a longer more healthy wellbeing life. Engaging with universities and following the huge research into developing natural medicines that could one day stop the ageing process over all and not just with skin … his routine is that he applies a body oil every day after showring and at the age of 61 is free from all ageing ailments..... what does that tell you get using them.