Sunscreens Natural V Synthetic Chemical

So, what if any are your choices in sun protection?        

To understand what they are you first need to know a little about the sun rays and sunscreens…..
The two UV’s that concern humans are A&B
(B) is a short wavelength and you could call it a heat ray

So, if you are in direct sunlight for a fairly long period or it’s a very sunny summer day or on holiday in a country where the sun is powerful it will burn your top layer of skin quickly … to avoid this you need shade or things like a hat, tee shirt etc then you simply don’t get burnt. (B) light while it can cause skin cancer if you continuously get burnt or allow it to burn deeply, it mostly takes off the top layer of skin which is heading to be shredding at some stage in the next 20 days or so. The pain of the burn will have you staying out the sun for a time until it has repaired itself
Of course, sunscreens, i.e. SPF’s when applied act like little mirrors
and reflect the heat ray ..Great! you can stay longer in the sun without shade… Well yes but that sunscreen has got chemicals in it which are notoriously known to cause mild or huge skin reactions. it’s not unusual for people to become ill when using them and many skin complaints flair up.

Also, some sun creams hardly protect you from the next UV ray… ( A ) the silent killer.  This long wave ray is around even in dull days and you are exposed to it in the shade, it’s completely undetected by humans, it penetrates glass/water and bypasses many sunscreens ( some  SPF’s do however now offer UVA protection but by adding even more skin-irritating chemicals) (UVA) goes deep into the skin mutating & ageing cells and if you’re going to get skin cancer chance are this (UVA) light was the root cause… but there is a complicating factor as more and more research happens there is a smoking gun: SUNSCREENS the very thing that’s stopping you getting a sun burn from UVB have things in them “which increases the potential to photogenerated free radicals & reactive oxygen species”; {}
To you and me that’s damage to cells [ skin cancer] when you have on the skin a UVB sunscreen. The reports go on to say that the very thing that is expected to offer significant protection actually induced skin damage …

Still, want to use them?…NO

Well let’s turn back to science and nature, the scientists involved in cell damage research have said that our main if not only protection from cell decaying free radicals are anti-oxidants, this buzzword is fuelling a population who are health motivated to eat more fruit and vegetables. Now the health benefits in such health foods are in the oils within them so, if you extract such oils you have the most potent purist form of antioxidants and that’s what you can use on your skin and what our oils are made from. Thus UV-A induced free radical damage is substantially reduced, such oils will also NOT stop you absorbing and converting vitamin D our most important vitamin for health.

It will also stop to some extent the burn (UVB) but as long as you are sensible ie don’t lay out in strong sunlight and or long periods in direct sunlight… it does not stop you enjoying the sun but its baby steps in building up your tan which in turn will stop the burn.

We have put together a selection of the best natural oils which give the maximum protection which you can use on their own to great effect (IF SENSIBLE ) or under a sunscreen which provides a barrier to the chemicals in sunscreens and added intensive protection to the cell-damaging UVA light
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Suitable for vegans & vegetarians

100% suitable for vegetarians, vegans and gluten intolerant. Plus, we never test on animals.