After 20 of research into why we age and what can slow it down, I have to say most people are not doing or using what needs to done to stop the ageing to the skin.

When I look at women and men who are in there 40's I can start to see the ageing occurring and this is because of what skincare they are using is not stopping the main source of ageing to skin and in many cases are actually speeding it up. 

By the time 50 comes the ageing is really starting to show itself with fine lines, wrinkles and maybe even dry skin, of course, many think menopause but no its the lack of stopping the main source of damage 

By the time there 50 then 99% of women and men have showing premature ageing occurring and then panic sets in and things like retinal and expensive /creams etc are all purchased which is a complete waste of money.

WHY? because nearly all the skincare companies have no idea about cell ageing that's why you will see nearly all beauty therapists with premature ageing. 


Well I have been following the research of the scientists around the world who are stopping ageing and it all revolves around neutralising the main source of cell ageing FREE RADICALS 

Now many products in skincare say they have antioxidants in them to stop free radicals but in a cream or serum there's a big problem, they are in such small amounts its hardly worth applying and when they do put a little bit in a cream its molecule is so large it only sits on the skin surface which is mostly dead cells, to work it needs to around the new cells further down. 


First of all our oils are a highly concentrated form of antioxidants and a unadulterated grade, basically you would need to apply about 100 bottles of creams to get the intensive antioxidant volume of one of our oils also and this is important the oil molecule can get around the new cells, the collagen, the fibres and elastins and that where it needs to be to stop the damage not stuck on the surface. 

Oils also contain the key elements needed for skin car,e essential fatty acids like omega-3s and omega-6s are the building blocks of healthy cell membranes. These polyunsaturated fats also help produce the skin's natural oil barrier, critical in keeping skin hydrated, plumper, and younger-looking and this year Birmingham University found them in very high levels in our oils. 

So if you want anti-ageing you need to be using natural organically botanical derived oils which are of an unadulterated therapeutic grade if you want to stop the main source of skin ageing 

Nothing else will do and stop wasting your money on creams which do very little 

John Hamilton biogerontology dermatologist  

if you would like to try our oils then email me and I will send you some