So what do you say when you know people are using and doing the wrong thing in skincare especially with anti ageing?

Well I have written this because I get dozens of emails from people every day about how they have used 

Retinol/ Hyaluronic acid/ Venom cream/Anti Ageing Treatments/ or big brand skincare 

But not a lot is happening. 

For the last 22 years, I have been at the forefront of formulating beauty products and for the last 7 years been involved in research with the world’s leading scientists and universities in the longitude of healthy life research... So if we are looking to make people live longer and healthier in cell ageing ....We 100% know what will make people's skin look younger and healthier and university research also confirms this  

I have to say there is a load of bull involved in beauty products which I will now reveal.... 

For one thing burning off wrinkles (retinal AHA) really! 

Not only is this about as anti ageing as bathing in moonlight... 

It’s actually quite damaging because you are exposing your new cells way too early to UV light and that can cause skin cancer as well as premature ageing later on. 

Hyaluronic acid is another fad, {it holds moisture you are told at very high levels} Well that like trying to drink water from plastic bottle without removing the lid and there is a strong case that  hyaluronic actually absorbs the moisture already in the skin.... We have a better why to hydrate skin.... just ask 

Then comes bee and snake venom or peptides and injectable for freezing the nerves and face lift machines, blue/ red light masks. 

It’s all complete misunderstandings, things masquerading as anti ageing.... 

We as human beings are chemistry and in ‘longitude of healthy life’ studies we know that the one thing that causes us to age quicker than anything else is free radicals... in fact its 80% of the reason we age 

Interestingly none of the aha, hydronic acids, electronic devises actually stop free radical damage. 

Also skincare products are often a mixture of synthetic /petrochemicals mixed with a few naturals to sound good. 

The one thing that we also know from working with universities is they take no account for size? 

For a product to work the anti-free radical molecule has to surround the cell/ to protect it 

Creams, serum & Gels can’t do that. 

The molecule is too big, they sits on the surface on dead skin and that’s simple not anti ageing . 

SO WHAT IS ANTI-AGEING?... Well natural oils and I don’t mean essential oils... It’s vital oils 

But you have to know which ones and in many natural skincare brands they use the wrong ones to start with.

Then sitting them in creams which the molecule can’t go further than the dead skin on the surface is as effective as ash tray on a motor bike.

We here have created the best anti ageing oils of their kind 

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