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How do you know you are using the best skin care?
How do you know if you are getting the best anti-ageing products?
If you are using the typical big branded skincare … then you are not getting the best or even much anti ageing and could you be now looking for something that does work?
We here at essentially yours know more about cell ageing than anyone else and that’s by a long way. Our own Dermatology/Gerontology scientist has been involved in the major research into cell ageing over the last 10 Years. and is about to launch ‘The Institute for Research into Wellbeing & Longitude of Life’ in conjunction with 3 universities so we are not just your everyday beauty product we really do understand what ages your skin and how you can slow it down.
But that’s all very well, talk is cheap we here you say, so what about if we give you some to try (completely free) … if you don’t like it or you can’t see any difference you have lost nothing… but that’s not going to happen, nearly everyone who does try our products as so impressed they become a long-term customer … so something must be working .

Would it not be nice to have access to your own expert in dermatology and skincare? Well welcome to our skin clinic, set up to offer guidance if you have a skin problem, or just need some advice on general skincare >> like.. ‘Whats the best for me in antiageing’ or I have redness and react to products?.           We can fully appraise your skin, discuss your skincare needs and help you solve any skin problems you may have. The service is free and we often send you samples to try different products to get what works for you … so get in touch below with the expert you want .

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or call 01299 253994

John Hamilton has 20 years experience and knowledge in dealing with and resolving skin problems, specialising in cell anti-ageing, dermatology & ageing well biology.
He is part of an elite group of scientists who are working on finding preventive measures in slowing down the ageing process and subsequent stopping of ailments from senescence Let him help you turn back your biological clock with fantastic results.

Does it work? well, his own biological age is a good 15 years behind his age in years… So if you would like some of that contact him now

Please contact

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or call 01299 253994

Karen Blackmore also has 20 years experience dealing with problem skin related issues and with a naturopathic approach can help you unravel and make sense of the complexities related to youthful skin and ageing well as you age. Karen’s forward-looking knowledge allows her to see things from all age groups… she says ‘I can understand the issues my self as a older person and that of younger people in my own daughters’ she can talk intimately with you and help on all levels with your health and wellbeing with skin and overall body issues, above all she can take a symptomatic view in natural healing that has so been lost with medical personal

We offer this service free of charge, or in addition for a small fee we can send you sample products to try before you buy the full sizes…

We look forward to hearing from you!

Suitable for vegans & vegetarians

100% suitable for vegetarians, vegans and gluten intolerant. Plus, we never test on animals.