Discover what happens to your skin as you age, our recommended routines and complementing products by age group.

Our skin has three layers: the epidermis, the dermis and the subcutaneous tissue. The simplest way to understand the ageing process is this; the epidermis is the outer most layer, and it thins with age, it needs a constant layer of oil to keep it supple so it springs back when you smile or frown, many skincare products contain chemicals which strip away this hydro-lipid film thus causing the opportunity for prematurely aged skin. The dermis provides the structural support, or springiness, via collagen and elastin fibres, and these get damaged from UVA / pollution / even make up, the No1 priority is protection and our products provide that protection. The subcutaneous tissue provides the cells that keep our faces plump. We lose these cells as we age, and so our faces sag but there’s a lot you can do to slow down this happening and even reverse damage done…

Our skin quality deteriorates when the molecules within our skin cells are attacked by free radicals and left in a damaged state. Free radicals are unstable molecules in our environment and are hugely accelerated from certain chemicals which are called heavy metals, its theses heavy metals you get in make-up, from petrochemical skincare products and pollutants. Also, exposure to ultraviolet light, UVA rays from sunlight causes immense damage on its own, with some reports suggesting it causes up to 90% of the symptoms of premature ageing.

An attacked skin molecule can itself become a free radical, thus triggering a chain reaction that can lead to the destruction of the entire skin cell including the very important mitochondria one. The older we are, the more free-radicals we accumulate so a battle ground occurs within the skin.

The good news

Antioxidants are the enemy of free radicals, and while our bodies produce them naturally its simply not enough to combat the huge amount of damage our life styles and environment is responsible for. Also, skin tends to be a one-way street so consuming lots of antioxidants like smoothies or fruit and vegetable will hardly get to the skin [therefore you need to apply powerful antioxidant skincare. Note; natural oils are the purist most powerful form]. They ‘neutralise’ or repair free radical damage and break the chain reaction that eventually causes skin cells to break down.

Knowing which products to use and when can be confusing, so below we give our recommendations on what to use in your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and beyond.

Our All Skin Type products [Face Wash, Moisturiser, Cleanser, Toner and Konjac Sponge] should be used by all ages, we have not broken them down in age groups because everyday products only need to be as simple as possible. The job they do does not call for potent actives, thus they are completely allergen free.

Teenage Years:

Our bodies change during puberty, so teen skin care can be difficult. Often, our skin as well as our moods act up. So, if your face is shiny and you suffer with blackheads, spots or even acne, our sister brand, Therapeutics may be of interest.

Your skin starts to settle down after the hormonal teenage years, although your skin can still be oily due to active sebaceous glands.
We recommend using fruit oils, so our Holistic Facial Oil is best, you don’t need Eye Creams and Night Creams at this age, but you do need to protect your skin from harmful UVA light and it’s the oils which do this.


As collagen and elastin start to break down in your 30’s you may start to find the skin shifts towards dryness, it’s also can be when you begin to notice fine lines around the eyes and mouth. This is when you need to look closely at what you are using in skin care. Adjusting your routine to include natural products rich in antioxidants, offers real protection against ageing free-radical damage. Find products that work for your individual skin concerns and remember that as you age, your skin changes and therefore you will need to change your routine.

It’s when we notice age spots, creases and folds that can add years to your looks. The skin can also appear affected due to years of sun damage and be thinking that you were doing the right thing by using SPF sun block or expensive skincare which is all wrong. This is due to the breakdown of various tissues and the breakdown of supportive collagen, skin does not bounce back when you laugh or frown  but don’t go for the Botox or facelift there is no need and they only make thing much worse, in the long run, start using natural oils, this stops all the damage to skin and keeps skin supple so it bounces back to normal .
Best oils for over 40’s are Luxury or Uplifting oils and include in your routine a Night Cream or Eye Cream, but also if you have oily or combination skin you may find the Holistic facial oil works best for you

Post-menopausal there’s much less oestrogen being produced so your skin will appear to have more wrinkles and deeper lines if you have been using the usually big brands in skincare ( scientists now say there is nothing in most skincare brands to stop the ageing look of the skin). If you have sun damage or been a smoker then you may well have premature ageing occurring and this is when you must use the most potent oils like Revital alongside the Rejuvenating Cream.
If, however, you just want to tackle the ageing process and are looking for ageing well (anti-ageing) then the Luxury or Uplifting oil will be good for you


Loss of muscle tone and relocation of the fat under the skin, (which accounts for the cheeks losing their padding under the surface of the skin) gives the skin its droopy, jowly appearance. Our Intensive Gel firms things up. Use alone or with any of the rich oils i.e. Revital or the new Super Anti-Ageing Oil will make a huge difference.

Extra sensitive Skin?

You can use all our products, but if you are particularly sensitive to essential oils, we recommend our Sensitive Oil for all the anti-ageing benefits, without the allergens at any age.

Tip: Don’t forget about the body & hair: most people have hair thinning problems because of all the harsh chemical shampoos and treatments they have had. Like your skin, the hair will recover if you stop using hash chemical shampoos and treat it to amino acid proteins which are in abundance in our natural oils, so applying them once a week to the hair for a deep treatment and on the skin daily after showering, will ensure you have moisturised problem free skin all over.