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Natural Elements Salon therapists stockist Kit

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Natural Elements Salon Kit:

Our Salon Kit is just £395+VAT [ total £474] and has everything you need to start earning straight away, including a hand-picked selection of our best selling products, business materials such as display posters,  access to training videos and support. [ if you purchased this at normal trade prices it would be £546+vat [£655.20]so you have a further saving on trade prices of £181 by buying the kit.

This kit gives you products to do 6 different facials and stock to retail

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Quantity Code Description Size
2 NES009/T  Clarifying Face Wash 200ml
2 NES010/T  Purifying Cleanser 200ml
2 NES011/T Restoring Toner 200ml
2 NES012/T Moisturiser Face cream 50ml
2 NES014/T Firming  Eye Cream 30ml
2 NES029/T Rejuvenating Face Cream 50ml
2 NES044/T Tightening Face Serum 30ml
2 NES041/T Blending Facial Cream 50ml
2 NES178/T Pacifying Gel Mask 50ml
1 NES024/T Balancing Facial Oil 50ml
1 NES105/T Luxury Facial Oil 50ml
1 NES130/T Uplifting Facial Oil 50ml
1 NES131/T Revital Facial Oil 50ml
1 NES132/T Holistic Facial Oil 50ml
1 NES133/T Hydrating Facial Oil 50ml
1 NES403/T Luxury Plus Kit (NES009/NES105/NES041/NSP1) Mixed
1 NES416/T Uplifting Plus Kit (NES009/NES130/NES041/NSP1) Mixed
1 NES417/T Revital Plus Kit (NES009/NES131/NES041/NSP1) Mixed
1 NES418/T Holistic Plus Kit (NES009/NES132/NES041/NSP1) Mixed
1 NES419/T Balancing Plus Kit (NES009/NES024/NES041/NSP1) Mixed
2 NSP1 Konjac Exfoliating Sponge
15 B1 Natural Elements Brochure
B12 Posters POS
 1 Product info guild
5 T2 Facial Oil Samples (NES024/NES105/NES130/NES131/NES132/NES133) 2.5ml
5 T3 Facial Product Samples (NES009/NES012/NES029/NES041) 5ml
5 T5 Body Oil Samples (NES134/NES137/NES139/NES140) 2.5ml

Suitable for vegans & vegetarians

100% suitable for vegetarians, vegans and gluten intolerant. Plus, we never test on animals.