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Natural Elements Salon Kit

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Natural Elements Salon Kit:

Our Salon Kit is just £350+VAT and has everything you need to start earning straight away, including a hand picked selection of our best selling products, business materials such as treatment guides, display posters, training videos and support.

If you’re interested in earning commission per sale generated, please contact john@essentially-yours.co.uk or click here to find out details of our affiliate scheme.

Quantity Code Description Size
3 NES009/T Face Wash 200ml
3 NES010/T Cleanser 200ml
3 NES011/T Toner 200ml
3 NES012/T Moisturiser 50ml
2 NES014/T Firming  Eye Cream 30ml
2 NES029/T Rejuvenating Face Cream 50ml
2 NES040/T Intensive Face Gel 50ml
6 NES041/T Blending Facial Cream 50ml
2 NES178/T Pacifying Gel Mask 50ml
1 NES024/T Balancing Facial Oil 50ml
1 NES105/T Luxury Facial Oil 50ml
1 NES130/T Uplifting Facial Oil 50ml
1 NES131/T Revital Facial Oil 50ml
1 NES132/T Holistic Facial Oil 50ml
1 NES133/T Sensitive Facial Oil 50ml
1 NES403/T Luxury Plus Kit (NES009/NES105/NES041/NES040/NSP1) Mixed
1 NES416/T Uplifting Plus Kit (NES009/NES130/NES041/NES040/NSP1) Mixed
1 NES417/T Revital Plus Kit (NES009/NES131/NES041/NES040/NSP1) Mixed
1 NES418/T Holistic Plus Kit (NES009/NES132/NES041/NES040/NSP1) Mixed
1 NES419/T Balancing Plus Kit (NES009/NES024/NES041/NES040/NSP1) Mixed
2 NSP1 Konjac Exfoliating Sponge
10 B1 Natural Elements Brochure
1 B12 A4 Free Your Skin Poster
4 T2 Facial Oil Samples (NES024/NES105/NES130/NES131/NES132/NES133) 2.5ml
4 T3 Facial Product Samples (NES009/NES010/NES011/NES012/NES014/NES029/NES041) 5ml
4 T4 Body Product Samples (NES107/NES5236/NES5237) 5ml
4 T5 Body Oil Samples (NES134/NES136/NES137/NES138/NES139/NES140) 2.5ml
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