Mature skincare

well, ladies of a certain age what are you to do how can you look good for your age? Well your not going to find the secret in what you currently use.

The reason I have youthful skin is that I have not used all the brands of skincare because they are full of all the very chemicals you should be avoiding.
it’s very sad that so many women put there faith and money in the big skincare brands which let them down.
When I came into this industry 20 years ago I already knew that natural oils looked after the skin better than creams, what I did not realise is they could do so much and that’s where you come in
No matter how old, how much lines and wrinkles you have, you will benefit enormasly from using well formulated natural oils and natural daily skincare.

I’m happy to send you some to try if you contact me with your age, what you currently use, and of course, your address to send to.

e mail on or you can call me on 01299 253994

Karen Blackmore co-founder & 62 this year…ps I can also help you if you have a skin problem just ask 



Suitable for vegans & vegetarians

100% suitable for vegetarians, vegans and gluten intolerant. Plus, we never test on animals.