Dry skin

Did you know that in just one year over 20million people search the internet in the UK for the terms relating to dry skin ….that a lot of people is it not and you would think that with all the choice and brands of skincare on the market today they would find a product which stops it …well they don’t and that’s because most skincare brands are made from Petrol or synthetic chemicals . As a society, we are learning that eating healthily means being healthy.. YES do you agree… Well that’s not the case with skincare because in a country that has 20million people searching a year for dry skin, 1-3 people in the doctors waiting room with a skin problem I think I can safely say products made from petrol or synthetic chemicals cause skin problems and that includes dry skin.

But you don’t use them  so you think,  but yes you do, I can absolutely guarantee that after 20 years as a dermatologist  I would say 99% of people use synthetic harsh chemical products on their skin daily from shampoos to body washes to lotions and creams, even the things from the doctor is full of them. At the bottom of this page is an extract from a publication which shows what you use daily and I can almost with any reservation say you will be using at least half of them every day  THAT IS WHY YOU HAVE DRY SKIN

So what’s the solution well its simple stop using them and use only truly natural products and your skin will change. Remember nearly all the big name brands are made from or contain a high amount of synthetic petrol- chemicals, even when they say they contact certain naturals the majority of the product is harsh chemicals like the list below.

Now before you go I can show you what you need to do in terms of the way to use natural products to hydrate your skin, yes I have a unique way to change your skin into the youthful hydrated skin you want and within days when using them. So get in contact with me now and I will send you samples of what to use and the special way of using them I have developed to reverse dry skin. email me your name, address, what you use every day, your age and where you get your dry skin ie face  or body or even all over  


email me on john@naturalelementsskincare.com  or call me office hrs on 01299 253994    John Hamilton dermatologist & bio-gerontologist scientist


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