Dry skin


  by John Hamilton 20yrs experienced  Dermatologist and Anti Ageing Scientist

Out of all the skin problems I am asked to help with dry skin is the easiest to resolve …

The main reason why skin becomes dry is that the protective surface (the hydrolipid film) {this is the natural oils in the skin} gets removed or disrupted, this is what keeps skin moisturised and makes skin supple, which is a key component in stopping wrinkles and fine lines.

What Removes This Protective film: Well it can be a number of things but the no 1  cause is skincare and make-up? Most brands of skincare which people use and are unaware of are made with large amounts of synthetic chemicals which are stripping the surface of its natural oils, replacing them with petrol chemicals, which in turn stops the skin producing the natural oils, combined this with as we age we do produce much less natural oils in the skin and then along comes make-up which also is drying out the skin and you have dry skin.

People have been conned for years with skincare products, not realising they actually are the main cause of there dry prematurely aged skin… I and my partner ( click here)  we are both in our sixties with no prematurely aged skin, very little lines and wrinkles and certainly, no dry skin and dare I say so are the thousands of customers who use our products.

How to Restore Hydration to Skin: by placing a small number of our natural oils on the skin and trapping it in with an all natural moisturiser which is rich in botanical protein you will find over a few days the film is rebuilt and moisture starts to return.

So, what is the right skin care you should be using…
We have a kit which gives you everything you need, no harsh synthetic chemicals and the 100% natural oils needed to restore it
1. A face wash which is from plants which not only cleans the skin but also firms up the collagen fibres, which stops skin sagging
2. A very special exfoliating sponge from the root of a plant which is ever so effective yet so soft…… the perfect exfoliation. [ you should feel what skin is like after using it.. incredabile]
3. A facial oil which contains vitamins and minerals and the most potent form of anti-oxidants [ such antioxidants slow and stop the main source of skin ageing].. it also protects you from UVa light (the main source of skin ageing)
4. Then comes our natural moisturiser to seal in the natural oils you used first, to give a matt finish for makeup and barrier to the chemicals in make -up
And there you have it!… your natural film is restored and the moisture in your skin will start to build up again within days and as an added bonus this is super intensive anti ageing

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or try them first … Get a sample of them sent to you. Now the samples are not going to solve your dry skin overnight you need to be using them all the time, but at least it will show you over a couple of days just how incredible our organic natural formulations are. Don’t miss this opportunity to see why we have the very best skincare
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