Dry skin


20years a dermatologist & skin cell scientist founder of essentailly yours the firts UK company to make truly natural products with harsh chemicals 

The main reason why skin becomes dry is that the protective surface (the hydrolipid film) {this is the natural oils in the skin} gets removed and this is what keeps skin moisturised and makes skin supple.

The majority of skin care products don’t really address this very well, that’s why you will be finding what you use is not working any more and because they are full of synthetic chemicals,  some even made from petrol, this compounds it all till you have dry and prematurely aged skin.

Want the biggest shock of your life then take your skincare brand any brand and do this>> say you use l’oreal put the name l’oreal with the letter EWG after it {lorealEWG} and do a search online, this will take you to page to click on and show you what’s in such brands and  chances are you will be using  some very harsh chemicals …go on give it a try …this is what you will see below, this one is for L’oreal do you  see all  the harsh chemicals which are and have been stripped away you skin film  … that why you have dry skin

We come at this in a different way by using a 3 product treatment kit,  organic hydrating oil and natural moisturiser both which create a new hydrolipid film which then combats dry skin and gives a super-rich product combined with an anti-dry/sagging skin skin face wash

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Now if you suffer from dry skin all over the body get in touch I have a natural routine which will change your dry skin within a week email me on john@naturalelementsskincare.com  or call me office hrs on 01299 253994 






Suitable for vegans & vegetarians

100% suitable for vegetarians, vegans and gluten intolerant. Plus, we never test on animals.