What an anti ageing Bio- Gerontologist Dermatologist says how to stop all forms of skin ageing

What an anti ageing Bio- Gerontologist Dermatologist  says how to stop all forms of skin ageing

What is the best skin care product for anti-ageing?  In fact what is the best skin care products.

Because there is a huge amount of products and nonsense about what works if you want youthful skin then first of all its about protection and the best products and most healthy ones are all naturals...so stay away from mass produced synthetics....Even the big expensive brands use unhealthy ingredients so be careful your not using them .. 

The problem is 99% of skincare products do very little to combat skin ageing...There sold on the fancy packaging and big fat lies.

The main ageing to skin,collagen, fibres and elastin's is from free radical oxidative stress.

What is that?..This is damage which attacks cell fibres causing wrinkles and fine lines. at the same time if left unchecked brings on dry skin and sagging.

Stop that free radical damage and you slow ageing to the skin.

BUT MOST SKINCARE PRODUCTS DON'T STOP IT..That's why after years of using the skincare products you have used you are getting aged skin.

Most skin care products use syththc chemicals even  petro-chemicals. They do nothing to stop that damage.. in fact it will cause cells to age even faster according to>>

It's Antioxidants that give your skin protection.

But for them to work they have to be present or around what’s needs protected.

Natural oils work best they are a pure concentrated undulated antioxidant molecules.. small enough to get to where they need to be because the molecule can go in much further

Natural oils also contain every vitamin and amino acid and in a very potent form, more so than creams/serums do. Our oils are the building blocks of collagen and cell restoration.

That is not to say that serums/ gels /creams don’t have a role to play. But in anti-ageing prevention its certain natural oils which are best.

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John Hamilton is a 20 years experienced anti ageing Dermatologist.
More recently he has begun working in the field of Gerontology using plant compounds.... to slow or stop the ageing process