What an anti ageing Bio- Gerontologist Dermatologist says how to stop all forms of skin ageing

What an anti ageing Bio- Gerontologist Dermatologist  says how to stop all forms of skin ageing

What is the best skin care product for anti-ageing?

It's all about using the right products.... The problem is 99% of skincare products do very little to combat skin ageing. ...they are sold on the packaging and big fat lies.

The main source of ageing (and I mean 80-90% of ageing) to cells, which includes skin cells, collagen, fibres and elastins, is free radical oxidative stress. What is that? Well, all cellular structures suffer from damage caused by substances which attack cell fibres which in turn causes distortion to fibres { causing wrinkles and fine lines } thus not returning back to normal and cell reduction, especially what’s called mitochondria cell with further thinning of collagen fibres. This in turn ages the skin prematurely causing lines, wrinkles, sagging, loss of tightness and dryness.

Stop that free radical damage and you stop ageing to the skin BUT MOST SKINCARE PRODUCTS DON'T STOP IT that's why after years of using the skincare products you have used you are getting aged skin and absolutely no amount of any other treatment will change that, they are all false news to coin a recent phrase being used. 

so all you cream la that and pro collagen this  does absolutely nothing in fact it will cause skin to age faster because of the syththc chemicals in them  

    So what is the best anti ageing and does protect you from the majoe cause of skin ageing?

 What does restore collagen and make elastins bounce back to normal? Well, it’s about anti-oxidants which counteract the damage caused by free radicals, UVA damage and pollutants. Anti-oxidants give your skin a barrier of protection but for them to work they have to be present or around what’s being protected. That’s where natural oils work best; they are a pure molecule, more potent than creams, gels and serums. The oils we use are unadulterated liquid antioxidants which can (a) get to where they need to be unlike creams and serums and (b) are natural containing nearly every vitamin and amino acid in a very potent form, more than creams/serums do. AND HAS JUST BE SUBJECTED TO RESERACH AT BIRMINGHAM UNIVERSITY and it shows huge anti ageing benefits plus much more. 

Our oils are the building blocks of collagen and cell restoration. That is not to say that serums/ gels /creams don’t have a role to play but in terms of anti-ageing prevention its certain natural oils which are best and by a massive amount . For more info watch this video click here 


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Given that 99% of skincare products are full of useless synthetic chemicals and includes that ones who say they use naturals and still have large amounts of synthetics in them, then you will never ever have youthful skin as you age.

If you carry on using such brands found in most spas, salons, shops and shopping channel TV you are waste your time and money, you need to wake up to realty they don't work... but our natural oils do and that's now been proven in lab testing at Birmingham university.   

May 2019, John Hamilton

(John Hamilton has been involved in the anti-ageing process using botanical plant compounds for the last 20 years in Dermatology. More recently he has begun working in the field of Gerontology using and working with many university research departments looking at cell decay and how to slow or stop the ageing process)

A recent report from Birmingham university has shown our oils are the very best anti ageing compounds you can use