Dry Skin: we can change it in days

nature provides incredible compounds for dry skin which really work if used in the right way which will restore the film on your skin resulting  in incredible hydrations.  

for face products  click on the following products  {when applying the oils try doing so on wet or damp skin} 

for dry matuer skin 

for dry extra sensitive skin 

moisturiser {apply the moisturiser on top of the oils to trap them into the skin and give a matt finish for make up}

face wash / make up remover & exfoliating cleanser & toner

for body 

body oils & lotion { tip take one of our body oils in the shower and use on wet skin after washing for the most fantastic hydrated skin}

Natural shower gels

if you use our products you will find your dry skin disappears within days 

we work with university's to find naturals way of helping you and you will not get our type of synergy formulations in any other products