Anti-Ageing Tips & Tricks

Anti-Ageing Tips & Tricks

what to use 

Always use Natural Oils, . IF YOU WANT ANTI-AGEING, YOU MUST USE NATURAL OILS! > click here> click here.....

  • Cleaning the skin is so important. We highly recommend avoiding the new idea of micellar or salicylic acid cleansers, these are just synthetic or full of harsh chemicals this will take off all the makeup including water proof, oil and dirt without irritating the skin cells. > click here> click here …….
  • Exfoliating just 1-2 times a month and be careful with what you use, forget machines you use at home or creams with beads, oats, or particles, they are too abrasive in one area and not enough in another. The Konjac Sponge is a perfect way to take the right amount of dead skin off the surface. > show me this konjac sponge click here> click here …...
  • Sagging skin: avoid heavy creams, so no shea butter type products as this gives more pull to gravity, think of a feather slowly dropping to the floor then add some cream on it and wow it drops like a stone, so you want feather like cream and better still oils which absorb into the skin thus no weight at all. click here> click here for light creams  
  • Use gels which cause a tightening of the skin, use them about 1-3 times a week you get them in things like botanical masks or skin contracting gels, you want a botanical one, not a synthetic chemical reaction. Check out this Tightening Face Serum click here>. click here …... 
  • what about a kit of everything you need click here

if you would like to try samples of what is the best organic anti ageing skin products then let me know a few details of your routine and I will send you some free, email me with your full address, name, what you currently use and age and I can then send you what I think will suit you email 

OR GET SAMPLES and some great advise what to use and when email our anti- ageing dermatologist on or call 01299 253994 and speak to me