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Anti-Cellulite Inch loss Body Wrap Treatment Pack {nes174 / nes301/mitt}

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This is a Salon professional treatment you easily perform at home. As the gel penetrates it induces a rapid cooling effect followed by Vaso-constriction within the cell tissue, metabolism is increased and calories fats burned. Essential oils create stimulation of stagnate cells thus drainage of stagnant fluid under the skin. Dream. Come. True.

Formulated using the finest Botanical Actives and high Grade Vital Oils which combine to penetrate deep into the skin where cellulite is formed, here the actives break up the fat cells so they can be flushed out of the body naturally. If combined with exercise you can firm, tighten and tone parts of your body you’re not happy with, whilst improving circulation, and promoting skin regeneration for optimum effect.

Circulation Stimulating Body Wash 300ml: peppermint cucumber and tea tree to get the blood flow going. Wet mitt and apply the body wash directly on areas you want to treat pre-applying the body mask.

The key player in this kit is the Pacifying Body Mask! Stimulates Fat Loss, Tightens Skin & Removes Cellulite. An intensive active Body Mask made with real Cucumber & Kiwi extract to stimulate Fat Loss, Tighten Skin & Remove Cellulite.

Body Exfoliating Mitt for use alongside the Body Wash, to aid removal of dead surface cells and prime the skin ready for the second stage of the treatment.

we no long provide a body oil with this kit  although we recommend you do use one but click here  for the body oil page and you can use anyone one of the oils   the oil is maintaining the effect, you will still get the cellulite inch loss with the current kit 

Why can it cause a weight fat loss: Much of surface skin fat at the papillary level of the second layer of the skin, it can sit there stubbornly even when dieting or exercise because its the very last to go if at all.  By hitting it with a fibre-blasting  vaso-constriction treatment, the area is stimulated to act within metabolism stimulation thus it is moved on to be used as a calorie burn. This can help with the getting into that dress that's just a little tight especially in areas on the surface .


How to Use:

  1. Wet the skin using the bamboo mitt sponge side
  2. Apply the body wash to the exfoliating side of the mitt
  3. Using circular motions, gently scrub the cellulite areas (thighs, bottom etc)
  4. Was mitt under running water once you have finished the exfoliation process
  5. Now apply the Pacifying Body Mask to the required areas
  6. The fun part! Wrap the areas you have applied the mask too (we recommend cling film for ease of use and best results)
  7. Now just wait 30 mins!
  8. After 30 mins, unwrap the areas, throw away the cling film, dab dry if you have any residue product left on your.
  9. Use the shower gel and mitt daily in the shower and then apply the oil after { all over the body if you want all over soft skin}




*Results vary from person to person.


Other Details
Why Clingfilm? It’s to allow the skin to absorb the plant extracts resulting in them activating deep within the dermis layer of your skin which is where we need it to get to work!