Anti Ageing

Anti-ageing can be a very evocative term…. what does it mean?

In the beauty world, it’s usually represented by the use of a cream or serum, to act as a moisturiser which rejuvenates the skins texture, promising younger looking skin. There’s plenty of marketing hype out there but mostly these products have little or no real effect, many simply make the surface feel nice by creating the hydro-lipid effect.
In the scientific world, things have however, taken on a different dimension. Some leading scientists and universities are looking at overall ‘ageing decay’ within human beings and have discovered the major cause to cell damage.

What the scientists have discovered?

Our cells are under attack all the time, and these attacks are the main reason why we age, the destruction doesn’t just stop at cells, it goes for collagen and fibres, leading to premature ageing, wrinkles and pigmentation, hence skin ageing occurs.

What is the destructor?

It’s free radicals, we’ve all heard of them but do we know where they generally come from or how they’re accelerated and what can slow or stop them?
Firstly, we can’t do without free radicals they are key to the process of cellular life. The bodies engines produce free radicals at a rate of ‘100 quintillion’ per second and they must be quenched or they will destroy the cells. The skin is exposed to even more free radicals than any other part of the body especially from UVA light, unfortunately SPF’s and shade aren’t enough to protect you.

So how can you stop free radical damage?

Free radicals are neutralised by antioxidants, the trouble is, putting antioxidants into a cream mixed with other chemicals especially petrochemicals which accelerate the production of free radicals is pointless, even counterproductive, (e.g. having 5% antioxidants in a formulation that contains 60% free radical inducers, simply doesn’t work)

So, the simple answer to stop free radical damage is to use products which are free from petrochemicals and free radical inducers.

Our range of anti-ageing products are packed with 100% super potent antioxidant oils, they don’t sit on the surface like other creams, they go into the dermis and carry with them natural vitamins & minerals. They also produce amino acids the molecules needed to produce new collagen, Vitamin A – Retinol and Vitamin E which aids skin cell regeneration. GLA (gamma linolenic acid), which helps to strengthen the collagen fibres which support the skin. These antioxidant oils sit alongside the high grade essential oils and plant extracts which are anti-inflammatory and stimulate cell rejuvenation. So, by using our oils you’re locking in the antioxidants which give you the best results in anti-ageing there is in skincare.

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