How to stop fine lines and wrinkles


After 20 years in dermatology and the study of the anti-ageing science of cells, I can safely say that 99% of people use the wrong things on their skin for protecting themselves from fine lines, wrinkles and the overall ageing of the skin. My research is also concluded by people like Cambridge University. Newcastle, Stepford and Harvard universities,


The ageing damage is mostly caused by free radicals and that’s why you are encouraged to eat foods which have antioxidants and neutralise free radicals for a heathy life.

But in terms of skin well that’s simply not enough, nor is using moisturisers & sun creams.

To really slow and even stop such huge free radical damage you need powerful skin antioxidants, creams even if they have added them into the creams, simply don’t pack enough punch or get where the real damage is done, they sit on the surface and in 99% of case actually are a synthetic chemical mixture which are completely useless and even can have chemicals which speed up the ageing process and worse still even expose you to things like skin cancers.

What you need to be using daily are Natural oils which if blended correctly are the most potent neutraliser of free radical damage and providers of all your vitamins and minerals that skin needs to stay healthy and youthful. Creams gels and serum hardly at all offer any real anti ageing and if you using any of the well known or big brands you will be using creams made from synthetic chemicals which actually speed up ageing to the skin.

Do this one thing and you will change the look of your skin within days, you will also completely stop any further damage to your skin cells reversing lines and wrinkles

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