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Eczema, Psoriasis, Dermatitis.

Searching the Net for help with your skin problems? 
What you’re using isn't working ? 
Products from the doctors don’t seem to be doing much ? 
why is that ? 

The products you're using are full of harsh petro-chemicals
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People think it’s strange that doctors don’t know this, well the fact is that doctors are doctors not chemists, so the ingredients in things are unknown them, the names mean nothing more to them than your own understanding of them also a lot of them don't see it as a real problom so send you off with anything they can get away with , they don't want to refer you because that comes out of there budget.
So you turn to products in the shops, you look for natural and that gets confusing too. 
Natural ingredients like Aloe Vera on the front label (must be healthy !) but it can be as little as 1% in the product and the rest are harsh petro-chemicals.

There’s also a misconception that paraffin is good for the skin ... let us get the record straight from a dermatology/scientific / chemistry point of view IT’S NOT and try finding products without it being the main ingredient, its stripping of the skin own naturals oils causing chapping and dryness and the cause of many other skin disorders also that’s just one of dozens of such harsh chemicals your using everyday in products from most brands 
That's why people have skin problems and your not alone 1-3 visit’s to the doctor are skin related and almost zero are solved but with us it’s over 97% 
Ours do not contain the harsh chemicals and that why they work differently 

Most products don’t reaily have naturals in them and that's the big huge problem
 Natural oils are very healthy for the skin they build up the hydro lipid film: an external barrier which defends against infection and bacteria.
This film keeps the skin supple and if it's done with naturals not chemicals it's hugly nourishing and feeding of the skin at the same time putting it into a healthy ph.  
our other oils are anti bacterial and anti - infection which are a major factor in such things like Eczema or Psoriasis  because of the scratching and then skin bleeding which in turn makesskin inch further.

Our products will wipe out this bacteria at the same time giving the skin an opportunity to heal itself.  If you purchased the therapeutic range and use them instead of the chemical one’s your currently using, then you will see your skin improve daily until it’s fully healthy.
but it does not stop there
Natural oils are full of omega, fatty acids which super boost the protective film on the surface which keeps skin supple, beta carotene you resist getting burnt and get a nice tan plus many minerals and vitamins, high level of GLA (gamma linolenic acid), which helps to strengthen the skins supporting collagen fibres and an excellent skin moisturiser for dry skin.
are you any surprised  ours work when all your using are petro chemical products even full of steroids ? 

Want to know what to use and when email 
or try our samples there free see below  


We feel we need to warn you.... out there especially on the web are well how can we describe it ‘people who will simply take you money and provide not so well formulated products ‘
The first thing to look for is if it in $ (dollars) that means it coming from outside the UK and you don’t really know what your getting at all, we have seen case’s of products saying there natural and not disclosing they have steroids in them and at levels which are illegal within the EU/UK, damaging skin beyond repair. Also don’t be taken in with photos because many are simply altered or buy off the shelf images also the 30-90days refund never happens because they outside UK law so there’s little you can do to get a refund.
Why are you safe with therapeutics and essentially yours ranges?
1. Well first of all we are a UK 14 years established scientific manufacturer you can come to the factory to collect if you want to.
2. Our products are made by pharmaceutical trained scientists in our own factory here in England to EU/UK cosmetic law and regulations and we are governed by such enforcement by trading standards and the authorities in the UK, in other words we are accountable  (ask yourself where are the others made? where are there offices not in the UK  and you don’t get that protection outside the UK, or business based overseas, you are not protected you don’t know what your buying there basically a unknown faceless business on the web)
And finally contact : you can pick up the phone and speak to not a answering service but a real cosmetology dermatologist specialist during business hours at the factory here in Worcestershire or e mail him on if it easier.

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Body Wash (for eczema & psoriasis prone skin)
SKU: TS037
Size: 200ml
£10.99 inc. VAT
Complete Set of products (for eczema & psoriasis prone skin)
Size: mixed
£39.99 inc. VAT
SKU: 528
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Moisturising Cream (for eczema & psoriasis prone skin)
SKU: TS031/100ml
Size: 100ml
£13.99 inc. VAT
Moisturising Cream (for eczema & psoriasis prone skin)
SKU: TS031/200ml
Size: 200ml
£20.99 inc. VAT
Moisturising Oil (for eczema & psoriasis prone skin)
SKU: TS035
Size: 125ml
£10.99 inc. VAT
Shampoo (for eczema & psoriasis prone skin)
SKU: TS033
Size: 200ml
£9.99 inc. VAT
Shampoo (Sample)
SKU: TS033/S
Size: 3ml
£1.79 inc. VAT
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