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Oily & Spot Prone Skin

It's not just teenagers who can suffer with spots.
Keep your skin healthy and free from those irritating, unsightly blotches in just three "easy to use" stages.
Face Wash, Moisturiser & Spot Serum.
KARENS HOT TIP: If you want to keep your skin in tip top condition use our Holistic Facial Oil (yes i know it sounds mad, but it works) once a week to feed and nourish your skin Order Code: NES132

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Face Wash (for spots, oily & acne prone skin)
SKU: TS001
Size: 200ml
£13.99 inc. VAT
Kill em dead spot kit
£25.00 inc. VAT
Mosituriser (for Spots & Acne prone skin) & OILY SKIN
SKU: TS004
Size: 50ml
£16.00 inc. VAT
Spot Serum (for Spots & Acne prone skin)
SKU: TS006
Size: 30ml
£10.99 inc. VAT
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