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Hair loss or thinning hair affects over 50% of women. Washing hair every day alters the natural pH. Everyday maintenance of blow drying, straightening, styling, even dying all takes its toll but one of the main reasons we find hair becomes damaged, brittle or broken is the daily use of hair products...

It doesn't matter if you spend £5 or £50 on your hair products, using shampoos that contain harsh chemicals, artificial fragrances and silicones will clog up the hair follicles and stop your hair from repairing itself, preventing healthy hair growth by covering the hair with a synthetic build up.Essentially Yours shampoos don’t contain these chemicals,only pure Essential oils.

Our HOT TIP: A weekly 'deep vital oil treatment' could make a huge difference to your hairs condition (yes even thinning hair!), apply the oil to the hair, scalp and ends then cover with a towel for an hour to allow the oils to soak into the hair & scalp, then simply wash out with one of our shampoos, you'll find the condition of your hair improves massively, you'll also find that your hair will break less with improved hair growth.


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Anti-ageing Luxury Chocolate and Vanilla Hair Conditioner
Size: 1 x 250ml
£9.99 inc. VAT
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