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The big difference in us to other brands

  Imagine if you could have the power of a Cosmeceuticals range!
but using only Organic Naturals and at prices your clients could easily afford.

We have the most anti ageing ingredients of any brand
They don't sit alongside harsh chemicals... which is what a lot of salon brands do

What makes our formulasions so much better click here
You will not find other brands as effective at anti ageing as ours because we stop the main cause's of skin ageing.... Mitochondrial decay AND THEY DON'T.....

Delivery techniques which are pure dermatology
 And will bring a new dimension to your facials
They will also enhance
any machine treatment you may use
Non surgical treatment.. Microdermabrasion....Galvanic

Why be chemical free?  

Natural Elements and its Sister range Therapeutics
always have been the leaders in formulating products to solve skin problems, called Naturopathy; this is an alternative medical system that focuses on natural remedies...
combined with the study of Biogerontology which is the biological processes of ageing. It endeavours to slow, prevent, and even reverse ageing in humans by slowing down the underlying processes of ageing
No other range or formulations has this degree of knowledge and understanding built into their products.

It's reported that consumers are moving away from intrusive treatments looking for long-term results in harmony with their wellbeing
We can bring this to your business

Ranges are formulated & manufactured in the UK and our business is 100% British owned.


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Can I just say I have always used your products since it must be the late 1990's and recommend them to everyone. I seem to be getting more compliments about my skin the older I get. A massive thank you for great advice always.
(This lady has been a beauty therapist for 15 years her father invented the No1 beauty machine treatment now seen in today’s salons)

 ‘Went to Professional Beauty at Excel London and have to say Natural Elements stood out miles above the rest. I just loved the people who were selling it (my kind of people. Down to earth, good humoured, genuinely friendly with no falseness) also the product image and marketing is really classy (I'm shallow and like the product to look good! Lol) and it smells amazing. Honestly is mega nice.’
Forum user on salon geek

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Mitochondrial decay;

Development into Nature;

Naturopathic - Organic;

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