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Well Being from Natural Oils

It’s not an unknown fact that its predicted that people will live to 150,
in fact that person is possibly already born according to Prof Aubrey De Grey
, the biomedical gerontologist (BIOGERONTOLOGIST of cambridge university ) and chief scientist of a foundation dedicated to longevity research, claims that within his own lifetime doctors will have all the tools they need to 'cure' ageing.
For some, the prospect of living for hundreds of years is not particularly attractive, either, as it conjures up an image of generations of sick, weak old people and societies increasingly less able to cope.
But Prof De Grey says that's not what he's working for. Keeping the killer diseases of old age at bay is the primary focus.
He said: 'This is absolutely not a matter of keeping people alive in a bad state of health. This is about preventing people from getting sick as a result of old age."

And this is exactly what I have been talking about.
You see, the whole dilema of how we do this is not the problem, Aubrey, as he likes to be known, knows why ageing happens and what stops or at least slows it and Dr Daz with his testing over 10 years ago also spoke about this (see below).
And dare I say I have also herald the solution of skin ageing within the very same parameters even being so bold to say I know how to deliver such alexia of life which could be evading the others.

The theory is detailed within the journals of The Mitochondrial Free Radical Theory of Aging but like anything there is also twists and that’s the rise of the super free radical called superoxide and hydroxyl radicals
Let me explain:

In an experiment two fish tanks contain the same aged fish, in one tank there was water and in the other water and a chemical used in sunscreens, make- up and lots of leading brand skincare products.
The fish in the one with the chemicals grow older by 4 times faster than the ones in plan water.
The water had become charged with super free radicals from the chemicals!
So modern life has produced such super charged radicals that to combat it we need super antioxidants.

So like a bombarding invader the question is how do we defend ourselves and this is where common sense comes in. The destroying invader is a free radical super or otherwise it can be neutralised by antioxidants and really only antioxidants, the more powerful of antioxidant and in as pure unadulurated form as possible works best and what is pure ...100% unadulurated vegetable, fruit and plant oils .
That's why we place such huge emphases on them in our products and no harsh chemicals to create the super free radical.

But this is not just beauty... this is health and wellbeing.... call it what you like preventive medicine or naturopathic.
One of the problems that Aubrey faces is delivering such antioxidants into the body, he knows that delivering them through the gut ie fruit and vegetable is well... limited
We as a cosmetic can only say they change the appearance of the skin to look younger and many of you will be happy with that.
But I personally believe that you could well be putting antioxidants  into the body when you apply vegetable and fruit oils to the skin...But that’s for me to say and only say alongside other scientist it not our companys view, it is for you to decide if you also agree.

And what have you to lose just you aged looking skin
Many people now place their faith in cooking with such natural oils for thier outstanding heath benefits and even consume smoothie drinks to get thier 5 a day....  are they the only way to get antioxidants in a pure form?
Well many things like nicotine patches and the next generation pain killers on the skin are absorbed by the body.
Our official line is our products don't. Now if you experience otherwise well great!... that’s what we have to say by law .
So I will keep (every morning after showering) using one of our body oils, massage it into the damp skin or after going to the gym. Apply the facial oils every morning to protect me from free radicals.
And a new employee said her male partner thought I looked like I had the health of the likes of someone in their 40’s instead of coming up to 60.
Well what can I say?
by John Hamilton Cosmetology Dermatologist & SKIN ANTI-AGEING
Biogerontology is a sub-field of gerontology studying the biological processes of ageing. It is composed of the interdisciplinary research on biological ageing's causes, effects, and mechanisms in order to better understand human senescence. ... Biomedical gerontology, also known as experimental gerontology and life extension, is a sub discipline of biogerontology that endeavors to slow, prevent, and even reverse ageing in humans. Curing age-related diseases is one approach, and slowing down the underlying processes of ageing is another.

I would also like to pick up and highlight a health theory based on Dr Daz and his antioxidants study; He said if we could get the body to absorbe more antioxidants this could be the end of most human illnesses including cancer (see extracts below) and Professor Angus Dalgleish, consultant medical oncologist at St George’s Hospital in Tooting, says tests showed the majority of cancer patients he treated suffered from low vitamin D levels.“If we supplement people who are low they may do better than expected. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if Vitamin D turns out to be more useful in improving outcomes in cases of early relapse than drugs costing £10,000 a year,” he said.
Vitamin D is mostly made in the skin by exposure to sunlight this sunlight is blocked by spf’s but increased by using certain natural oils on the skin ie... the ones we use for example .

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