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Naturopathic - Organic

However, much of the information about Active Naturals, Organic and Natural it's not always clear.

Active Naturals: is misleading, because just a few ‘natural ingredients’ in any product can turn a synthetic petro-chemical into a natural alternative, with very little effort.
Formulations like these are the equivalent of having a healthy salad and then covering it in salad dressing made from lard... which kind of defeats the purpose. You may also find they contain controversial ingredients like parabens and PEG’s, which some Doctors are currently trying to ban. Take a look at any well known brand that you may have bought recently...

Organic & Natural: has to some extent been a disappointment in the cosmetic world, products are formulated to meet the ‘certification standards’ rather than to deliver EFFECTIVE products, as the certification can exclude some highly effective actives.
Many of these products are often ‘thick & heavy’ with poor aromas, use of Bees wax or Shea butter makes them drag the skin which can lead to sagging. The lack of water in some Organic products means zero hydration, something we know clients seek as a No: 1 priority...

Naturopathic: is a completely 100% bio-natural, with no synthetic bases, petro-chemicals or any harsh chemicals. This type of product brings ‘state of the art’ understanding in natural dermatology creating a ‘self-repairing’ effect to any damage caused. It delivers antioxidants  in large amounts which neutralize the main source of damage to cells and collagen in the skin.
When we use therapeutic grade natural oils they manifest the ability to improve repair, they bring healthy order to confused tissue and cells, this organising power is what the term organic originally meant.   

Natural Elements was the first naturopathic skincare range to be made without the use of harsh chemicals and parabens, long before anyone else thought about the issues. It’s the first range to take skincare to the next level.

Natural Elements has a new scientific understanding of skin with ‘repair & prevention’ ingredients, it’s also the first “All skin types” range which is completely “Allergen Free”
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