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Mitochondrial decay

Mitochondrial decay is now seen as the major cause of cell determination within the brain (Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s etc), however, cells are not just confined to just the brain - skin cells are the same process.
Mitochondria provide energy for basic metabolic processes, and their decay with age can impair cellular metabolism and lead to cellular decline. Progress over the ways to delay the mitochondrial decay is now being described by scientists as the elusive fountain of youth.
This has lead to scientists concluding that nearly all skincare products are ill equipped to really deal or produce substantial results, which is crucial to repair and restore ageing skin because they simply don’t contain the necessary ingredients to impact on such biologic occurrences.
Our body’s mitochondrial engines produce free radicals at the rate of 100 quintillion free radicals per second (200,000 superoxide anion radicals per mitochondria per second). These free radicals are like heat in a car engine. They must be quenched or they will destroy the mitochondria and continue to damage other parts of the cell as well.
Just as we protect car engines with oils and coolants in order to maximise the life of the car engine, similarly, we need to protect our mitochondria (our human engines).
Ultra potent antioxidants delivered in a pure unadulterated form provide an extraordinary defence against mitochondrial decay. Researchers found it not only protected mitochondria from oxidative damage but also it stimulated growth of new mitochondria and neutralised superoxide and hydroxyl radicals.
The products made by Essentially-Yours not only have a formidabl free radical-scavenging combined with super Antioxidants capacity more so than any other brand of skincare but it is in a form which is uninterrupted by synthetic chemicals within the formulations.
The stability of Essentially-Yours formulations allows thousands of electron transfers without undergoing molecular breakdown. The combining of certain raw materials from plant extracts have proven especially effective in neutralising the ubiquitous superoxide and hydroxyl radicals from sources such as UVA light.
This breakthrough in understanding and indeed what’s needed and in what form for preventing the cellular decay is the bridge of understanding to the road of anti ageing as never seen before.
Compiled from academic records by John Hamilton Cosmetology Dermatologist & SKIN ANTI-AGEING BIOGERONTOLOGIST Biogerontology is a sub-field of gerontology studying the biological processes of ageing, biogerontology endeavors to slow, prevent, and even reverse ageing in humans slowing down the underlying processes of ageing.
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