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Development into Nature

Vital and Essential Oils are known to reverse and repair skin damage. We only make products using these unique ingredients, allowing the body to repair and improve itself naturally without the use of harsh damaging chemicals.

The benefits of our products can be broken down into 3 scientific aspects.

1. Chemical free
Chemicals in skincare products cause a synthetic reaction which can trigger allergic reactions or other adverse stimulation to the dermis. Without the use of chemicals you are reducing the risk factor for skin damage. Our natural products actively promote healthier skin.

2. Free radicals
Our formulations do not contain any free radicals thus avoiding any free radical damage and preventing problems similar to that caused by pollution, chemicals and sun damage. Antioxidants to combat free radicals only come from natural oils.

3. Biodynamic
Natural plant extracts and oils provide the benefit of biodynamic properties. They cause a biological reaction to stimulate better growth in cells.

Vital oils contain vitamins, minerals and protein, all of which the skin, the largest organ of the body, needs to maintain healthy cell growth (amino acids).

Essential oils stimulate the cells, a stimulation which encourages the organ and cells to repair themselves.

The biggest breakthrough in anti-ageing:

Cellulose gel is a substance derived from plants and only recently been found to be a powerful antioxidant, and may be superior to vitamins C and E because it is more stable and its effectiveness will not diminish as quickly.

We are one of few truly natural skincare brands that contain this ingredient. From Aveda to Dermalogica, Elemis to Cream de la Mer, none of these brands contain this vital anti-ageing ingredient.

What can be better than organic?

Unadulterated means the raw material ingredients are not mixed or diluted or any extra elements added after farming. The ingredients are complete and absolute - as they should be.

Unadulterated essential and vital oils possess not only their active ingredients, but also secondary plant metabolites and trace compounds which aid in the healing properties. Different botanical regions offer different environmental conditions: soil, climate, altitude are among the factors that affect the plant and its metabolic constituents. Even the way the plant is harvested and distilled can affect the qualities of the oil, so that makes using unadulterated raw materials in our products even more vital.

We can see exactly what has happened to that batch of ingredients from the day of creation to the day it arrives at our headquarters. Plus, most of our unadulterated oils are organically certified as well! So you get the purest and most beneficial ingredients in all of our products.

What’s different about us to other organic brands?

Well for one thing we don’t use the Shea butters or heavy bees wax, that so many use. These product bases are used to make the manufacturing process easier. However, such ingredients are heavy on the skin and make the skin sag as the years go by.

Our product bases are created with oil in water. These are more difficult to make but this combination has the following benefits:

1. A lighter product.

2. The protection of the vital oils from free radicals (UVA) and being full of antioxidants provides great anti-ageing properties.

3. Water, the mainstay of all cellular life and moisturising to the skin.

This is why so many find our products so different.

Suitable for Allergies:
Allergy UK has said that by 2015, 50% of the UK population will have allergies. Essentially-Yours has responded to this by making products completely allergen free including natural allergens.

All of this makes our products very naturopathic which means using the power of nature to repair and restore the skin.

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