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We don’t always sell products we give free advice as well e mail us at

Hi - just thought I'd drop you a quick line. I ordered a trial of your therapeutics shampoo last week and after 3 days of using it, I realise that a life-long search may be at an end. Here's a list of products that have proved to be between ineffective and utterly worthless to me over the years, in no particular order:

Nizoral anti dandruff
T-Gel Therapeutic
T-Gel Anti-dandruff
Head & Shoulders various - classic, cool menthol, sensitive, soothing
Neutrogena Calming
Avalon Organics Tea Tree
Avalon Organics Lemon Clarifying
E-45 dermatological dry scalp
Paul Mitchell tea tree
Liz Earle Botanical shine
Elvive anti-dandruff
Pantene anti-dandruff

I know now that these products have been contributing to blotchy and red skin after showering, dandruff-like symptoms, a sometimes furiously itchy scalp and it's often been quite miserable. Obviously you know about all this.. I unfortunately only discovered you last week.

In eternal gratitude.
our reply
Thank you for your email , the reason it's a late reply is I spent the day at a event of meeting the buyers from the top 10 retailers in the uk and I have to say given their buying for the consumer they have not got a clue about ingredients
and as for the other ten displaying there ranges that’s was even worse , it’s astonishing a bit like a chef being asked to pass the onions and them saying ‘what’s a onion’ !
Pleased it’s helped
Best regards
John Hamilton
Cosmetology Dermatologist


Thank you for the fantastic holiday kit - the seaweed and aloe after sun is fab and the sweet almond oil makes my skin feel truly nourished also has the extra benefit of making my skin look great when going out in the evening. Not sure if it's related but seem to have had less insect bites this year to!

Also love the rose and lavender hydrating body lotion I bought it as a kit can't see it as a single item am I missing it or is it not available?

Many thanks for your lovely products - I love the fact I can read the back of a bottle with out dread and can and recognise all the products.

I am gradually working my way through many of your products. I have bought the acne roseacea cleanser etc.... with good results. Also the shower body wash, handwash and the wish shampoo. I would like to try the lemongrass and ginger conditioner, would it be possible to send me a sample to try please?

I am so pleased I found your company! My skin is no longer itchy.

Just to let you know that I am very impressed with your delivery arrangements. I only placed my order at the weekend and it was received, in Singapore, at midday today (23 Feb) - so thank you once again. The £20 shipping costs was definitely worth it!
Hi John,
After purchasing your wild mint and rosemary shampoo and jojoba and ylang ylang conditioner, people have been commenting how good my hair looks, and my sister keeps trying to pinch some! Please could you send her a sample of said shampoo and conditioner to try as im to selfish to give her any of mine!



I was wondering if I could get information on how to become a party planner for essentially yours? I prob have already sent an email though my computer crashed as I hit sent so don't know if it sent already.

The product has totally changed my life as an eczema sufferer and want everyone to know about this fabulous product that is not pumped full of harmful chemicals and good for your skin.

So I would like to learn more on helping make people aware of this website and products

Dear John.
Thank you for the sample of the Mens Shave Oil, which you sent.
My husband rubbed some on his knee, which was sore, and also on the back of his neck, which was aching.
He said it helped straight away.
I will pass the word round some of my customers, who I think might be interested.
A quick thankyou John. . The luxury facial massage oil has really made a difference to my skin. My closest friend noticed and she's a customer now too. As a bonus we like the smell!
hi john
Following our conversation about puffy eye, I took your advice & massaged the lymph glands & ran up & down the stairs (phew!) & yay! Puffiness has gone.
Just saying how I loved your samples of '10 years younger' I used them over Christmas and my skin glowed despite late nights and treatment for cancer. I suffer from acne which comes up as boils on cheeks and chin they are very painful and lie under the skin ready to flare up again! The samples cleared these up I am so pleased and have bought full sizes now

Thank you, I really appreciate your care as well as your products.
love,light and laughter
On Thu, Jan 27, 2011 at 11:45 AM, Essentially Yours <> wrote:
The recent news about the hack attack over Christmas on cosmetic company Lush e-commerce site has highlighted how important it is for companies to you use secure credit card processing sites. Essentially Yours established a secure position by using RBS Worldpay instead of their own payment gateway to process online card payments, which is why when you buy from us you leave our site and go through RBS WorldPay, Europes largest secure payment service provider. We want to reassure our customers that when you buy from us we don t hold your financial details, everything is processed through RBS Worldpay, all we hold are your contact details, such as address and contact numbers. This means that should someone hack into our web site there are no financial details of any kind to be stolen. The cost to us is greater as we have to pay a higher percentage commission to the bank to proved such facilities, but we think it s worth it for peace of mind. So not only are we thinking of your physical health by making products free from harsh chemicals but we look after your financial health as well.

You sent me a free sample of your rejuvenating day serum together with luxury massage oil for the face. I have used them both and find them both brilliant. My face is smoother and the dry skin has gone.
I received a 10 years younger sample from you last (delivery was next day - thanks very much!) After only a couple of days use I was really impressed so ordered the full size kit (again, super fast delivery). I've just ordered a cleanser to complement the kit. I was wondering if it's possible to buy trial sizes of your bath and body products (particularly the sandalwood & neroli and patchouli & lavender?

Hello John,
Thank you very much for the information! I do find that finding the information of what is in Elemis is very difficult. There is no information on the bottle other than the natural products that are in it. I can't find the box with the paper in it so couldn't say what is on that but your information does make one question the honesty on what is in it. :( Thanks for pointing that out!

I would love to try you products and consider switching over! :) Thanks so much for you message, not many companies offer such a personalized experience. I'm impressed!


If you’re looking at anti-ageing this tells you why you can get great results with us

Dear John,
I came across your website on the internet and hope you can help me. I am a slim 50 year old lady who has always looked younger but in the last 18 months, probably due to hormone changes I have suddenly aged in the face quite dramatically. The worst part is sagging of the skin especially around the jawline and neck. I have wrinkles around the eyes with sagging above the eyes but the problem is I have to be careful with products here because I also suffer with puffiness, even when not using anything, so it is not down to heavy creams etc. but this does make it worse. Hope you can give me some advice as to if and how your products could help me and which ones you would recommend.
Unfortunately I live in Portugal so I hope you can ship here.
Thank you for your time, hope to hear from you soon as I am desperate!
our reply

A lot of people don't realise that they have for years been using things i.e. products full of chemicals which will prematurely age the skin and they can't see this until they do start to age i.e. 40+ if they continue with the petro chemical type products things go downhill fast.

The skin needs a whole load of things and while it can cope with chemicals and do without them when younger as it ages it's in desperate need of them and indead for you to stop using petro chemicals .

For example you may have heard of a brand called lush which the owners have been highlighted in the press recently, much more successful as entrepreneur than us (we bow to that) 'there both similar ages as myself and my partner ( mid fiftys )'
yet when you show there photos to people they said they look sixty something where as I and my partner are often taken as 40 something....and I have seen this over and over again from the head of the big brands of skincare right down to the so called specialist anti ageing product users ...... so what does that tell you.

Well it's not about the brand it's about what in it that makes the difference and that can be a big difference.
We can't make you look 21 again but what we can do is reverser some of the damage and indeed slow it down .

What you have to do is completely stop using petro-chemical products on your skin and I would suggest you start with using in our ranges The ten years younger kit combine this with the dry skin cleansers/face wash etc ( dry skin because its more repairing you don’t need to have dry skin) I have put in attachments a routine which is best and indeed some things about products ingredients etc and somethings on antioxidants which fight off free radical damage, which is the why we age. Now antioxidant only come from plant oils exactly what our products are made from where as most products are made from petro chemicals which are drying and damaging .... see where we are coming from .


Hi John just wanted to say thank you for the samples of cleanser, moisturiser & facial oil. I recieved them on friday and iv used them for 3 days i cant believe the difference in my skin, i only wish id discovered them before my skin was so sore from using other so call specialist products for roseaca!!. I have placed an order today for full size products and cant wait to recieve them. thanks again joanne
Thank you so much that is very helpful and after 3 days use of the oil and the serum I can already see a huge difference to my skin.I have recommended that my sister tries your products.Thank goodness I stumbled across your site.

I've been using your Therapeutics range on my children for the last 6 six years and can't tell enough people, just how good it is. I have two extremely beautiful children who suffer from eczema and thanks to you neither of them have to have any medication prescribed and have the most gorgeous compexions you could ask for as a mother.

Anyway I thought I'd treat myself just before Christmas and try out your face contouring serum and just like the Therapeutics, it's great! I slipped a disc earlier on in the year and massive amounts of pain killers, lack of sleep and general worry/pain took it's toll on my, usually, pretty good skin and I was left with a sallow, drab complexion - not great for ones self esteem! Anyhow in not much more than a week, my skin is looking fresh and youthful so a huge thankyou.

I'm obviously thinking of swapping over to your products completely so if you could send me some samples I'd be really grateful - especially interested in your nourishing eye cream and neck serum.

Thank you again -
Kind regards

Many thanks for sending the cream to my daughter in Chippenham, it came very quickly and I put in on Sean's arms and within 3 applications his dry skin looked so much better. I ordered a full size tube and my daughter is using that everytime after his bath and is seeing a great improvement. I would also like to thank the staff for the extremely efficient service I received when I ordered the cream and other products for myself and her - ordered it lunch time and it was with me early next morning, most pleased. Love the sandlewood and neroli shower gel and body lotion, super duper smell!! Have been telling everyone about the cream - and all your products - so hopefully more customers for you.
I'm glad it didn't fall into a black hole! I regard your company as something of a find as I suffer from a variety of allergies and so buy your fragrance free range, which I must say is fabulous - the feel of the products is wonderful and my skin has noticeably improved. Whenever people comment I always recommend you, so after telling everyone in the office this morning how good your service was, I thought I'd tell you! I also forgot to say in my last email thank you for the free body puff - it's touches like that that make me feel like a valued customer.

I'm more than happy for you to use my comments, and I wish you continued success with the business.

This morning I stumbled across your site while trying to find out about Butylhydroxyanisole (E320) which is in a childrens tonic. I was horrified to learn that this as an antioxidant and preservative in food, food packaging, animal feed, cosmetics, and in rubber and petroleum products. It is also listed as a carcinogen in America but is deemed acceptable here. It's extremely frightening as a parent to find that something I was considering giving to my poorly little princess to speed recovery could potentially harm her. As a vegan mother I've tried to raise my family as holistically and ethically possible. It seems however that the products that we use daily although vegan, may contain the harmful ingredients you raise awareness of. I currently use Superdrug's gentle vitamin skincare range, and I find that my face is constantly itchy. I would dearly love to find the right products for my family as we all have very sensitive skin. Please would you consider sending us some samples as I obviously want the very best of health for us all. Now I am aware that the products i'm buying may be of harm I desperately want to change them.

It has been a real eye opener this morning, I am so happy to have found 'Essentially Yours'. Thank you, you have definately changed our lives for the better, making me more aware. I would be very grateful if you would forward a catalogue to me please.

Hello...was just wondering if you could send a sample of the regenerating facial oil. I have tried a couple of other products and they were brilliant. I am just waiting for my wages to arrive and then I shall be placing an order. Wish I had discovered your products years ago as they seem to knock the socks off Loreal, Olay etc.How the heck do you do it !!

Many thanks

Hello John,

Thank you for your prompt and very honest reponse, it is comforting to know that some people really care and are not just out to take your money.
I will purchase your regenerating facial oil and see how I get along.
Thank you again for your response it has bought real comfort to me.

Kind Regards,


Good morning!
I received your samples yesterday and have only used them twice, but have noticed an improvement already!
I am so pleased that I have just placed an order for everything my skin needs this morning.
I have also ordered the Kill em dead spot kit for my teenage son.
In addition my son also has very bad eczema on this ankles and feet. Would you kindly send some samples of the eczema products along with my order. My order number is 17849 and I just placed it about ten minutes ago.
Many thanks for the assistance and great products, I look forward to more exciting products soon.


Before I go to bed I wanted to write this out for you, as I am really impressed with the little kit you passed to me.
I first applied the products on Saturday evening. So, this evening, the results I am recording are after 2 days use.

My skin feels like it has a veil of fine powder over it, that's the best explanation I can think of. It is just so incredibly soft!

Both products have a soothing texture and apply easily without leaving my face feeling heavy or greasy - which is sometimes a problem I have found with intensive anti-ageing or night creams.

It made such a difference after 2 days that I now want to see what it does with regular use!! Thanks for the sample, what a great little find! xx


I hope you are fighting fit! Recently I went sailing and one of the crew thought I was looking pretty good for an ol' gal so I told her about your products ... she would love to try the serum and moisturiser if you do not mind

Dear John,
I just want to tell you about a phenomenon which you probably already know about. Since using your natural products, I now find that the scent of some shop-bought products is now not so acceptable to my sense of smell. They all seem very sweet and sickly.
Also, for over 20 years I have had a wart on one of my fingers – a large, itchy ugly affair. Suddenly it is disappearing. I put this down to either your hand wash, or the fact that after I have used the luxury facial oil, I rub the excess into my hands.

It would be interesting to know if others have reported these findings.Thank you for your email and pleased there working well for you .

We have always believed that such oils will impact on things like warts because there anti viral so great news , we get this all the time about such matters of bacteria on feet to anywhere on the body being destroyed by them .
Thanks again for this so we can pass this on to others
reply from john from essentailly yours

I'm a recent convert to your skin products and have found my rosacea improving beyond my hopes!
just wanted to let you know that I've been using the ten years younger kit for a few months now and my skin feels softer - My lines look less obvious - my skin feels soft all day and the smell is absolutely gorgeous! It is the only product I have continued to use and I have recommended it to all of my friends. People have commented on how nice my skin looks - my pores look more refined and I feel younger!
I am going to purchase products for oily skin for my daughter as I believe they will help her more than the usual off the counter products.

First of all I want to say thank-you for all of your help and for the sample pots you sent me. The service I have received has been far better than any department store and the products came so quickly!

I have been using the '10 Years Younger' kit for a number of weeks now and it is just gorgeous! My skin seems to have taken on a 'dewy' look and has a luminosity that I have only been able to achieve with 'light reflecting' cosmetics up until now! The rejuvinating day serum provides a lovely matt base for make-up (should you still need to wear it!) and the luxury facial oil is heaven! I have been so impressed with the look of my skin first thing in the morning & can't believe that I don't wake up with an 'oil-slick' down the centre of my face like I have done with products I have used in the past. Using the cleanser & toner for combination skin each evening before the luxury facial oil is like having a mini facial every night! And the 'spot serum' is amazing! Even my 17 year old son said so! It is far better than any product we have ever used before.

I am going on holiday at the end of October & am interested in using the Sweet Almond oil as my sun protection. However I am slightly sceptical as my mother died of malignant melanoma 16 years ago & I have a large patch of chloasma (brown patch) on one side of my face which gets worse when I am in the sun. I tend to slap on the SPF50! If you have any advice or information it would be much appreciated.

I came across your website quite by chance & am only sorry I didn't discover it sooner. Now that I have, I intend to make up for lost time & will certainly be ordering more of your wonderful products in the future.

Thank you so much once again.


Wow! I have today received my 'little' parcel from you and it feels like Christmas! Thank you so much for my free therapeutic range! I have put the body lotion on my poor old legs and guess what! No itching, no stinging and no redness developing! I can't believe it! Even when I put prescribed products on them I end up writhing around in agony!! So will definitely be passing this on to others to try. Also I have just performed a facial on my friend using the dry cleanser and toner and then the 10 year younger set. She said she felt wonderful afterwards and so I've given her some sample pots and hopefully she'll put an order in. She's going to host a girls night in for me when I get my kit together. So watch this space.
I love the 10 years younger, after using I have gone from 92 to 29.

Seriously it is great.Thanks,
Marjorie Titchen.
Firstly I‘d like to say that I am totally in love with your ‘Natural Elements Organic 10 Years Younger Skincare Kit’ – I recently brought the moisturising serum again as I think it’s one the best products I have ever used.
I have used many products such as Dermalogica/clarins/Clinique but the Natural Elements organic serum has to be my favourite.
I really do see the difference in my skin.
Hi Karen
OMG! Never mind anyone else noticing the difference – I did by the 2nd day!! Love, luv, lurve the samples! I’ve been telling all my girlfriends that I have found the solution to looking better and feeling better, the essential oils really help me wind down. I have forwarded the link to your page to them; however one friend in particular (my best friend) Ms Dorett Leyden is not too clever with emails and I was wondering if you could kindly send her a sample of 10YY? Dorett has skin problems identical to my own.

if this does not sum us up nothing does
Received the samples last week thank you! – Loved how they were presented in the little bag on a card explaining what each on does.
I was expecting those horrible foiled packet type sample things you get free in magazines so was impressed by the pots.

Have to say the email was lovely as well, it had a personal touch as it wasn’t automated – It said I care about my customer!

I have been very ill recently and consequently a bit reluctant to try new cosmetics (I usually go for Channel, Clinique etc and spend a fortune in the process) as I am now scared stiff of chemicals – I asked for samples as, being the 50 plus woman I still want to make the most of my appearance (and look as if I look after myself!!) – have to say I used your products with an open mind and had no great expectations.

I have been using Natural Elements products for only a few weeks but my skin is clearer and more moisturised than ever before. I am in my fifties and thoroughly recommend this company to women of all ages but especially those of middle age and over. I have to avoid Parabens, having had Breast Cancer, and it is wonderful to have found these products because I can use them with confidence, knowing that they contain nothing harmful. Morning and evening cleansing rituals are now something I really look forward to; it's almost as relaxing as going to a salon when I massage the products in, and the fragrances are fabulous. I gave my 30 year old daughter some 'Spot Serum' and it clears up her acne spots virtually overnight; she too is 'sold' on these products, and we both intend to use them from now on.

All I can say is I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THE PRODUCT!!! – those little pots were absolutely fantastic and I seriously feel as though they do the trick! They smell so nice and I am sure the smell has helped me relax and sleep better! - Today, imagine my surprise when my husband commented (without prompting mind!) that I look really well and my skin is looking really good!!
i tried using 10 years younger kit and found after a week or so i could see a gleam 2 my appearance, also skin seemed firmer, but not only this i found that the facial massage oil is good for the eczema on my fingers help it alot with softness,no itching taking all irritation away
hi John I was wondering if you could send me a sample of eye cream or gel for dark circles under the eyes and moisturising cream for dry skin, thank you.
I would just like to mention your products have totally change my life the results have given me confidence in my skin and i now stop looking at anti ageing creams or anything to do with products for the face, however i do still wear make up but a fraction of what i used to use. and your shampoo and conditioner are great i dont have to wash my hair everyday thank you.

I don't know if this is an automatic account or if a real person will read it, but I just want to say how impressed I am with your service and your company. I ordered yesterday and received the goods this morning - very impressive! Your products are good value for money as well and I just wanted to let you know.
I regard your company as something of a find as I suffer from a variety of allergies and so buy your fragrance free range, which I must say is fabulous - the feel of the products is wonderful and my skin has noticeably improved. Whenever people comment I always recommend you, so after telling everyone in the office this morning how good your service was, I thought I'd tell you! I also forgot to say in my last email thank you for the free body puff - it's touches like that that make me feel like a valued customer.
I'm more than happy for you to use my comments, and I wish you continued success.

hi i would just like to say that your products are great, i met one of your friends liz in tunisia and my skin was really bad with sunburn and it was peeling, liz gave me some cream and within a few hours it had cleared and that meant i could enjot the rest of my holiday. thank you
Great opportunity to tell you that I love your products, I tried the sweet almond oil as a sunscreen yesterday, it worked a treat. Keep up the good work.
Water Full Of Chemicals From Shower Gels & Shampoo
You must have read my mind! I was just putting on some beautiful Rose & Lavender LYB body lotion, and reminded myself I must put that on my shopping list. Keep up the publicity - many people do not know that the mainstream manufacturers (who also torture animals) have so many harsh chemicals in their products, and that everywhere is being polluted with the result.
Lovely to hear from you at Essentially Yours.
l have been using the 10 years younger kit for the past 4months now and l have seen a huge difference and everyone keeps telling me that l do not look 38 years old but 19 years of age which is excellent news. The only thing l am not sure about is why my neck has even more visible lines now than when l started using the neck serum my eslasticity in my neck is fading and l see a slight saggy skin at my age l really do not understand this l mean l did what you advised me but nothing is happening l had one line when l started the neck serum and the seaweed lotion but now the other one has appeared too l my face is so young compared to my neck l now have two visible lines on the front of my neck l even use so much of the luxury oil and evening primrose oil but nothing is happening please help me reserve the aging signs in my neck l am so consious of it now and its making me unhappy of l look women who are much older than l am and they don t have the signs of aging in their throat of their neck l am too young for that please advice. are oils really good for the neck because l have been using an excess of it just trying to firm and tone my muscles in my neck but it seems to be getting worse.

our reply was

Ok the neck is a really difficult area and your
just coming to the age when it starts to age sorry .
A few things to look at
1 yes use the facial oil and the neck serum on top even look at the rehydrating oil for the neck the reason I will tell you next
2 how are you protecting the neck from the sun because it’s that the biggest culprit , if you’re using a spf look at using a natural vital oil when sunbathing i.e. sweet almond under it or instead .. available on the web site... this stop the free radical damage and this is where the rehydrating may be better I used it all summer because of the two main base oils are the most defensive vital oils for the sun ( see attachments )
I’m not a great fan of sun screens for the reason in attachments .
Also be careful what you get on your neck shower gels have sls a detergent to them ( ours don’t ) but 99% do and that’s a ageing chemical, also perfumes, hair sprays, etc cover your neck from any over spray and never go into the sun with alcohol based perfumes on the skin
And that about the best you can do I’m afraid


I would like to take this opportunity to advise how much I love your products. It is great to buy something that actually does what it says it should do.

Many thanks

Omg! I've been using your products for three months now and love them!! One question, should I be using the luxury facial oil and serum on my eyes? A.. yes you can
Thanks for an excellent product and service

Hi, i have oily skin and i have been using Lemongrass Anti-Microbial face wash which is brilliant
Some time ago I bought your Organic Luxury face Oil for fine lines, with real patchouli, geranium and lavender. Also organic rejuvenating day serum with real orange and lavender.
Neither of these items appear to be available now. Please advise what should I buy as a substitute. Both were excellent on my dryish aging skin.

Hi John,
Thank you for your e-mail and for taking a look at my boudoir site, I have now put a link on there to essentially yours and have also added a page called Beauty which is dedicated mostly to your company. The reason I have done this is because after trying your 10 years younger kit, I have been so amazed with the difference in my skin I wanted people to know about it, I have also written a lengthy post dedicated to 10 years younger on a womens forum. I am so please with the kit, thank you so much, I look forward to buying your eye products which I really need. I would be interested in your affiliate site when you are ready, if you could send the details at your leisure
Thank you again it has been a real pleasure also being able to converse directly with you about my own beauty issues.

Hi John,

Many thanks for sending me the 10 years younger samples. I now have the full sized kit and am really pleased with the results. In due course I will be adding "organic" facials to my treatment list and using your products. In the meantime I would be grateful for your advice.

For a 51 year old smoker, (yes I should know better!) I thought my skin was in fairly good condition, albeit beginning to look a little sallow/grey. However after using your 10 year younger kit, the improvements have made me realise that my skin wasn't as good as it could be. My skin looks brighter, fine lines and wrinkles have definitely diminished and the skin above my eylids look as though I've had eye surgery.......or perhaps thats just wishful thinking.... all within only 5 days. THANK YOU.

Recently I have developed some age pigmentation marks and a few broken capiliaries on my cheeks. Although I do not suffer puffiness under my eyes I do have a tendancy to have dark circles (genetic pre disposition) Would you advise that I use the Regenerating facial oil instead of the facial massage oil and what eye cream would be best suited for me? Until 5 days ago I had been covering up the problem areas with concealer and make-up but would now love to be able to find a solution in your wonderful products, enabling me to ditch the make-up.

our reply
Alternate between the oils so in the morning use the luxury and at night the regenerating now what this will do is repair at night and anti ageing in the morning
Get into the habit of exfoliating in the shower once a week to freshen up the skin and take off dead skin cells
For dark circles the restoring eye gel, use first before any oil and let it go in first about a minute should do
You could use a eye cream but I think it’s too much the oils with the day serum on top will act like a eye cream

Now sun bathing if your planning it ie holidays etc use sweet almond oil base ... but do follow what we say on the web site because the chemical of spfs will turn back any of the good work of the natural oils
Hello John,

l would first of all like to say thank you for your products ( 10 years younger kit) which have worked miracles on my face l am 38 years of age and every one thinks l am 20 years of age& me too can see the difference in my skin and the fee
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